Thursday, September 16, 2004

let me try this......

hello everyone. Ive survived my micro teaching. Yes! But there are definitely room for improvementHere's what i think of what went right and what i should have done.
What went right:-
1. The organisation part of getting the students into groups and telling them their roles and what they are supposed to do was alrite i think. If there's anyone with a better alternative, pls do suggest on this part.
2.First 10 mins went well, maybe due to the fact that students have not started coming up with the 'questions' yet and maybe due to the fact that i was going to groups asking them for their comprehension of questions and tasks they are supposed to do.

Things that didnt go well:-
1. Didnt realise that Vanessa was moving slowly out of the class even though I was standing close to her seat. Should be more vigilant and scan the class as Im explaining something to a student. I have to make sure that I can 'see' the whole class from where I am.
2.Should have been more firm ( in a sense that after the 3rd warning to Felicia, I could have asked her to stand at the back of the class or something to the effect.) Just a question; if a student is already in that tigrish mood, by asking he or she to stand somewhere, will it escalate the situation as in things might get confrontational?
3. I felt that i was easily distracted by off subject discussions by students and didnt have the skills to direct them to the subject. far, this is what i have in mind. Hope to get more learning points tomorrow after the class discussion. Thanks a lot again for such real simulation.PS: what will you peeps do if you get a student who uses vulgarities right in front of you when you least expect it..just like what Felicia

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

geog journal

hello people. Sorry I had to make a new blog add cos i kinda forgot my username and my password....too many usernames and passwords to start with cos u've gotta keep changing the nie mail password like every 3 mths i think..bummers.
anyways, now that i've got a new blog, i'm gonna start writing something....first time writing an online journal so i suppose it's something that i've got to get used to ( since teaching is a dynamic profession). Here goes...

After observing the micro teaching this far, i realise one teachers, we have to expect the unexpected and always be on out toes to react to bizarre situations. Well, honestly that's like a tough thing to do but we have to be up to it.
I used to think that it is alrite not to acknowledge some wrong answers from students but i guess i was wrong. I realise how important it is to acknowledge answers from students even if they may seem illogical and wrong for that matter. It's just ethical to keep their self esteem on the 'up' side I guess.

well....for now..this should be it...ive still got many thoughts in my head but they are all in a mess. Will get it right when i get some sleep. Heaven is world. Cherios!